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Life can be hard AND it doesn’t have to be a struggle.
Peace is possible when you find Serenity!

I help women over 30, who feel stressed and depleted, to cultivate a sense of peace and calm so they can live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


The state of being calm,
peaceful and untroubled
by life’s ups and downs.

Stacie Scherer, Licensed Counselor

Glad You’re Here

I’m Stacie, a licensed psychotherapist and founder of Serenity Counseling of Huntsville. I specialize in helping women over 30, just like you, to manage stress and anxiety and break through the barriers that prevent you from living your best life. As we partner together I’ll teach you strategies to use when your mindset is working against you and how to lean into your unique strengths and get positive results in your life.

Do you deal with stress & anxiety?

You are not alone! We all go through it AND you can grow through it!


Most of my clients come to me because they are feeling trapped in a cycle of anxiety in one or more areas of their life. They are constantly worried about the future, consistently feeling stressed out and sometimes overwhelmed. Anxiety robs you of enjoying your life and keeps you focused on worry and “what-ifs.”. It gives your fears more power than they deserve and can make your life feel out of control. You don’t have to stay in this cycle, I can help!

Relationship Stress
Relationship Stress

Every human desires connection and many of us feel disconnected and alone. I hear this a lot from my clients. All relationships present their own unique challenges and can feel hard and confusing sometimes. Any type of relationship can have problems and my clients usually need help creating healthy boundaries to cope with them and to feel more connected.

Life Transitions

Let’s be honest, change is hard and can feel scary! All of us face changes in life, it’s the one consistent thing we can expect. So many changes have been happening around us. My clients may be new to the area, starting a new career or planning for retirement. Some have kids growing up and leaving home. Some are caring for aging parents or grieving a loss. No matter what stage of life you’re in, worry can take over. I understand and I can help!

Ready to cultivate your best life ?

Ditch the stress and anxiety and learn how to create a life you love. See which pathway works for you & let’s get started!

Therapy Office


Need someone to help you process your emotions and challenges one step at a time? I provide sessions for women in Alabama, both in person and virtually. At Serenity Counseling of Huntsville, we’ll talk through your needs and create goals and an overall plan to help you take control of your life and feel better.

Wellness Events

Looking more for educational and experiential learning opportunities on all things mental health & wellness? Join in, connect with other women in your community, and gain applicable skills you can use immediately to start transforming your mindset and your life!

Serenity Counseling Events in Huntsville