Serenity Seekers Hikes

Disconnect from the hectic world around you and find the serenity you deserve as we connect with each other mindfully in nature and experience the release and grounding we need to carry on and warrior through our lives. Each hike will be beginner friendly and center on providing self care skills to support our lives as we experience the release of trapped stress and emotion that may be weighing us down. Come and wander with us and see how healing this experience can be.

Interested in Serenity Seekers Hikes or Mindfulness Activities?

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Mindfulness Activities

Being present in our daily life is so challenging! Pushing through, getting things done, going on autopilot is more common than ever. But…is it serving us? What if you could learn to cultivate your awareness, give attention to your inner world, and be kinder to yourself? Would you be interested? Do you think it would make a difference in how you feel in your day?

Join us and learn skills that will bring you into more awareness and into a sense of calmness while continuing to live in whatever your life brings.

Women’s Retreats and Workshops

Sharing space with other women in a healthy, kind and healing environment is such a gift! As women, we are better when we are in connection with other women. Giving yourself the opportunity to empower your life and lift up those around you is priceless and possible.

Join us and experience what is possible when you prioritize yourself, cultivate your strengths and revitalize your spirit of giving to others.

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I would like to learn more about joining the Serenity Seekers Book Group.

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Serenity Seekers Book Group

As a therapist and someone who is consistently doing my own personal work, I have come across so many wonderful books and resources over the years. Finding these gems for myself, for my clients, for friends and family has become one of the things I love to do most. Now I want to share them with YOU! I find it so much more exciting and fulfilling to read and discuss with other women the messages and takeaways of a book we are reading together. The Serenity Seekers Book Group will give us a space for diving into relevant topics for our lives as women; provocative topics that broaden our perspective, ignite our interests and encourage exploration of self.

Join us for the opportunity to dive into our next book with a community of women who have fun and enjoy the gift of reading and lively conversation.

At Serenity Counseling of Huntsville, we are striving to provide connection points for women in our community and surrounding area. What would you like to see as a wellness event in your area? Please make a request and share your ideas.