I can help you navigate life’s challenges

Life can be difficult to navigate, at least it has been for me. The different “seasons” of life all present with their own challenges and demands. I’ve been through many of them and will walk with you, guide you through the turbulence and support you as you find your way. You can feel better, even while navigating some of life’s biggest challenges. We can do it together and I can teach you the tools to move forward on your own!

Trust me, I’ve been through it too…

While trying to figure out this life of mine, I have made many mistakes and chosen the “easy” way too many times to count. I have let the things that were good for me get pushed to the back burner in service of what I was “supposed to do” and ended up feeling unhappy and lonely. I didn’t always prioritize myself or my mental health until I realized that it was directly connected to my struggles. I knew I had to take charge of my life, my mental health and overall wellness and to do that I had to shift how I was thinking about things and let go of the ties to the past and free myself to be me.

Here I am now!

This mindset shift has been a work in progress for years. Cleaning out the cobwebs of the past and embracing the possibilities has felt liberating and fulfilling. I am in charge of my life, my schedule and my time, who I spend time with and how I nurture myself and the relationships I value.

I am a partner, a mother of adult children, a friend, a daughter and a sister, and an entrepreneur/business owner who is honoring the dream of growing my own practice in service of other women in my community. This is how I am living my best life!

Let me teach you how…

You deserve to live a life you love!

Let me guide and support you toward that life.
I have the tools, and I’m ready to help.

Throughout my years of working with women, I’ve discovered that group settings are fantastic for motivation and accountability, bringing connection and empowerment to everyone in the room, it’s palpable. Then there’s the 1-on-1 therapy or coaching interaction, where you can dive into your specific needs, break down the barriers and free yourself from what’s holding you back…this is where the magic happens! Having diverse approaches gives you options and enables me to assess which approach is yielding the best results for you. Flexibility is key to transformation and growth. It’s time to cultivate the life you’ve always wanted.

Get to Know Me

My life experiences paired with my years of training and education have equipped me with the evidenced-based tools you need to formulate a positive mindset and live a mentally healthy and fulfilling life with purpose and intention. I’m here to be your guide.

More about me…

I am a warm and outgoing person. I love working with women who are ready to make lasting changes for themselves. My style is interactive and supportive, yet direct when needed. I prefer a solution focused approach but I am also willing to dig in with you and talk about anything you need to talk about.

With all my life experiences, I know what it takes to do the hard work to get to a place of ease in your life. I’ve done (and continue doing) my own work and I am ready to support you through yours.

I was born and raised in the Midwest and have been living in Huntsville for 30 years. In my free time I like to hang out with family, friends and our dog; travel; hiking or other outdoor activities, photography, reading and listening to music.