Ways to Work with Me

Whether it’s individual therapy, group therapy, coaching or wellness events, learn more about the services available and choose the path that’s right for you.

Individual Therapy


If you’re looking for a therapist with lots of life experience and understanding of the challenges in this life, I’m here for you. We will meet virtually or in-person, in a HIPPA-compliant location for your scheduled 1 on 1 session. I prefer a solution-focused approach to therapy and offer many modalities to suit your needs and find the right formula for you to see results. If you’re interested, please complete the client request form.

Group Work

Group work can be very motivating and energizing and can provide a sense of connection and trust. If you’re looking for a group experience that allows you to connect with other women for support and guided by a licensed therapist then look no further. We offer different formats for group work and would be happy to talk to you about your needs. Send us an email at to learn more.

Group Therapy

Wellness Events

It is my dream to be able to serve the women of this community. Empowering, educational, experiential events are the best way for us to connect and do some amazing work in an environment that promotes connection, inclusion and viable change.


This service provides the mentally healthy person help and the “how to’s” of overcoming mental barriers standing in the way of reaching your goals. As we work together, we will get your life aligned with your mental health so you can see real and lasting results. Do you want a stronger sense of self, a life aligned with your values, and strategies to build confidence? Inquire at for availability of coaching services.


The Process

How Therapy at Serenity Counseling of Huntsville Works

Pre-Assessment: Complete the client request form on the website & indicate what type of services you’re seeking & any scheduling needs you have. If we are able to accommodate your needs, you will receive a link to set up your portal, complete your paperwork & schedule your first session.


Initial Session

Level 1

We will meet in my office for the initial session to assess your needs, answer any questions you may have and determine if we are a good fit to work together.


Treatment Plan

Level 2

We will look at what barriers are standing in your way, set measurable goals and determine a course of treatment to meet your needs.


Follow Up Sessions

Level 3

Follow up appointments will be scheduled weekly or biweekly intervals for a total of 4 sessions minimum. This helps us create momentum and consistency in treatment for measurable outcomes toward progress. Further sessions will be determined on a case by case basis at this point.

What  Others Say…

“As a psychiatrist, I have been referring patients requiring therapy to Stacie Scherer for 3.5 years now. Based on the progress my patients have made, I feel Stacie employs a mix of cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal and relational therapy customized to the patients goals and needs. I am confident in her ability to establish a therapeutic alliance catering to each patients individualized challenges, biopsychosocial demands and goals. What I appreciate immensely is her collaborating regularly and as needed. I consider her practice an asset for my patients and the Huntsville area.”


“Stacie is at the top of my referral list. As a therapist who knows I can’t help everyone who calls; it is vital that I have colleagues in whom I have confidence to not only provide exceptional care to clients, but who also have self-awareness about their own mental health. I’ve watched Stacie meet challenges in life with intention and compassion. Watching how she lives her life, and knowing that extends to her practice, makes me comfortable recommending her to those seeking help.”

— Terri Summer, LPC

Serenity Seekers

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This is a connection point for anyone seeking serenity in their lives. It is where you can see what’s going on and get tips and skills to build your tool box and learn to live your best life. Join for free and watch for announcements once we launch.